En La Mierda

This book explores the world of drugs and their effects, how these substances affect the interpretation of reality, of time... Through the stories of different characters, this book collects their stories at the height of the punk movement and other countercultural movements, where, above all, young people got up to their eyebrows as a method of protest.

This is not a moralistic book, trying to show how good or bad drugs are, but a book that invites us into the inner worlds of its protagonists, getting to know their lives, their problems and their ways of facing them or escaping from them. The pages invite us to get to know their external and internal realities, to accompany them on the journey back and forth from one to the other. Link Award.

Category: Editorial design, Art direction.

Tags: Art, Illustration

Design and art direction: Alejo Delgado and Miguel Anónimo.

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